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What This Book Is NOT

This is not a book about dieting. It’s about starvation.


Starvation is a strange phenomenon to feature so prominently in the 21st century in the wealthiest nation on the planet, but there is no other word for the culture of weight consciousness and weight loss that pervades every corner of our daily lives.

Starvation is the silent culprit. It’s the skeletal models defining our concepts of beauty in magazines, movies, and media. It’s the fat-free, carb-free, keto, zero-calorie choices on the supermarket shelves. It’s the rise in eating disorders among pre-pubescent children and the increase of diabetes and pre-diabetes in our adolescents. 


What This Book Is


So, if this is not a self-help diet book, what is it? It’s a concise, readable look at the shocking news that our very attitudes, social mores, popular culture, and even misdirected aspects of our increasing attention to health are sabotaging our hopes and dreams of living fit, energetic lifestyles. Whole segments of our population have forced themselves into at-risk eating behaviors, setting up situations where even the best-intentioned dieters are doomed to failure.

Physical Book | Tomorrow's Weigh The No-Diet Way To Lose Weight: Second Edition

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